Believes "managing" is a very limiting concept: most of what we experience cannot be "controlled". The power of shared narratives, of cultivated networks, of trusted personal relationships exerts much more influence. Trust is the most valuable currency there is.

Guiding complex programs to a vaguely defined better future is about building a strong aspirational narrative that is shared by most, while keeping many options open. Balancing the level of entropy is key, so stability can be married to fast evolution.

Fascinated by the emergent properties of complex systems, and how a change in governance can bring "Black Swans" and fast adaptation. So hard to predict...

Meetings are negotiations between interests embodied in persons, not about change. The roots of change can be found by "walking the gemba": going to the place where reality is created by people and observing what is happening.

The best method to discover a country is by cycling over rough terrain: fast enough to cover a lot, slow enough to see, hear, smell, meet everyone and everything.

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